As Honnes we supply and manufacture medical supplies, healthcare products, industrial products, medical items, medical products, adhesive plasters, surgical type adhesive plasters, first aid strips, surgical tapes, wound dressings, elastic bandages, bandages, plasters, gauzes, self adhesive products, industrial adhesives, medical supply, healthcare product, industrial product, medical item, medical product, adhesive plaster, surgical type adhesive plaster, wound dressing, elastic bandage, bandage, gauze, self adhesive product, industrial adhesive, surgical tape, adhesive surgical tapes, plaster, adhesive surgical tape, dressings for hospitals, dressings for health centers, first aid strip, sterile wound dressings, cotton surgical tapes, silk surgical tapes, transparent surgical tapes, pu wound dressings, film wound dressings, nonwoven wound dressings, eye pads, aloe vera first aid strips, colored first aid strips, printed first aid strips, flexible first aid strips, round shaped first aid strips, dressing for hospitals, dressing for health centers, first aid strip, sterile wound dressing, cotton surgical tape, silk surgical tape, transparent surgical tape, pu wound dressing, film wound dressing, nonwoven wound dressing, eye pad, aloe vera first aid strip, colored first aid strip, printed first aid strip, flexible first aid strip, round shaped first aid strip... HONNES; is well organized production company with a clear vision for the future that produce and provide surgical type adhesive plasters, wound dressings, elastic bandages, gauze and self adhesive products for industry by advanced technological structure and high production capacity supported by experienced staff with innovative perspective. Philosophy, vision and purpose of establishment of organization reserved within our name HONNES . Honnes is derived from the sound and meaning unity of HONor and NESt. We are producing and providing best quality health care products with world-class brands. The facility is computer controlled and fully equipped with the state of the art facilities up to EU standards established at organized area region, Gebze - Kocaeli, at the border of Istanbul, Turkey. The location of facility is near to highway and airport. Also the customs and seaport is very near for transport options. The facility is covering an indoor area of 5800 sqm with well designed production area, warehouse, laboratory and management. Our production is based on innovative production techniques, accordingly we are producing high quality products with minimum enviroment effect. All the production process is based on maximum hygiene and safety.

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